2009 05 29

Antanas Sutkus. Retrospective: photographs. – Vilnius: Sapnų Sala, 2009. – 479 p.

In brief: Antanas Sutkus is considered to be one of the great masters of world photography and is called the Lithuanian photography Homer reasonably – the creative works of the photographer of his life form an epos of daily fragments. The photographer has accumulated a huge archive and uses its arsenal creatively in the book “Retrospective: photographs”.

One of the advantages of the monographic publication is that the photographer participated in the selection of works and approved of the compilation. All new photographs are discovered by him and authorised consciously. Meanwhile, known photographs returned to their time and space in the chronological book and obtained an even greater historical value; the conditions of their creation and transformation of reality into an artistic view were revealed.

The structure of the book marks the individual creative rhythm of the artist. The periods do not coincide with any cultural or photography development stages. Every stage is different, and it has formed due to turns and breaks in life and activities of the artist.

The theme of works of A.Sutkus may be described by one word – existence. As the philosopher Arvydas Šliogeris noticed about the artist of the great style while going through pages of “Archives of Daily Life”: “I think that Antanas Sutkus is interested in the wrinkles of existence; he sees them perfectly himself and knows how to show them to us”.

Margarita Matulytė

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