2009 07 17Paulius Normantas. “Thailand. Village of Mountain Tribes”In brief: The traveller and art photographer, founder of Eastern Culture Museum in Užupis Paulius Normantas is interviewed by Skirmantas Valiulis in the article.

After returning from the Himalayas to Lithuania for the sixteenth time, P.Normantas tells that the award “Author of the Year 2008” recognised by LATGA-A in April waited for him here. The photographer tells to be forming the series “Light of Buda” of 8 volumes at the moment. He has already prepared two of them: Children of Buda” and “Bhutan. Kingdom of Dragon and Prayers”.

The new book will be called “Golden Square of Buda” and will be about four states – Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.

The art photographer states to meditate much in his expeditions; therefore, he brings back fewer photographs from trips now – some 4 thousand photographs instead of 7-8 thousand from a trip lasting 5-6 months.

“When I return to Lithuania, I see that the spiritual level is equal to zero. Perhaps only one percent of the population has not turned into zombies yet. Artists who were strong and unique some seven years ago have turned blind broken by the computer devil’s empire. It has become hard to communicate with such people,” the artist observes.

Speaking about contemporary photography, P.Normantas states that there is no guarantee that the contemporary photography will have memory. According to him, we no longer think how we look in the landscape of culture. The killer of art photography is the digital photography in the artist’s opinion. It fills newspapers and magazines which are not read by anybody any more – such publications are only looked through and put to a waste paper basket.

Skirmantas Valiulis
Literatūra ir Menas

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